Being an indoor game ice hockey is played in a stadium with an icy ground and players are expected to wear ice skates that are typically boots with blades that enable players to smoothly glide on the icy ground. A hockey player needs a large bag to keep his gears and apparels which is widely available in sports shops and come in a variety of styles, designs and price ranges. Before buying one, it is advisable to compare the prices of the bags that are on display. Some factors that you need to bear in mind when selecting your ice hockey bag are:

Whether it has enough room for holding the ice hockey gears.
Whether there are separate compartments for keeping the gear in an organized manner.
Whether the bag is portable.
Whether the price is attractive enough.

Hockey bags are generally duffel bags or backpacks with wheels and other types that are quite popular with hockey players are referee bags, hockey stick bags and puck bags. Ice hockey equipments include:

Ice hockey skates: made from thick leather to protect the hockey player from injury to his lower limbs. The skates have rounded blades that allow the player to glide smoothly.
Ice hockey sticks: made of carbon fiber or wood.
Pucks are manufactured from vulcanized rubber that is frozen prior to the start of the match to allow the player to slide across the icy surface fast.
Ice hockey helmets are a must for the players often with a face cage for the amateurs to avoid head injury that can turn fatal. Goalies usually have full face covers so that they are not directly hit.
Mouth guards or gum shields help to resist hits by a stick or when a player collides against a wall.
Shoulder pads and thigh pads and gloves are essential to reduce the pain when the players fall on ice. Groin and shin guards are also advisable as are neck guards.

Tips on caring for skates:

Wear plastic skate guards over your skates once you are off the ice.
Skates must be regularly maintained; else they get damaged and rust develops because of the moisture they pick up while skating.
Skated are to be dried manually according to expert advice immediately after use with absorbent golf size towels.
Once the moisture is wiped out, the blades are to be covered with fabric covers.
Never store skates in a travel bag when at home; rather allow the leather and metal parts to stay dry in an airy and lit place.

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