Regardless of the sport, you’d always want to ensure that the clothes you’re wearing are perfectly suited for the activity in order to guarantee safety and full protection. Much like wearing swim shorts when your swimming or tennis apparels when you’re in the tennis court, snow pants will also be essential when you’re planning to hit the slopes.

In purchasing your snow pants its best that you take note of some essentials especially if you’re a bit new to the sport. There is actually an accepted manner that you will need to remember when it comes to choosing pants for snowboarding/skiing and this is called the Three Layer System. This particular system consist of the base layer which is in direct contact with the skin, the core or insulation layer which keeps body heat in, and the outer shell which is in direct contact with the outside surroundings.

Most of the snowboard pants you’ll find in the market will posses two or three layers in one outfit. Most, if not all of them will be windproof, waterproof and will be made of materials that will allow for passage of moisture while keeping optimum temperatures in. During hotter weather, you’ll generally be wearing the pants only, adding each layer as the climate gets colder.

It is therefore advised that when purchasing your snow/skiing pants all three criteria’s must be sufficiently fulfilled. To give you a better idea of what you’re looking for here some tips in purchasing:

• In buying the pants always leave room for the crotch area to ensure comfort and ease in movement.
• For beginners, pants with extra padding on the knees and buttocks area as you will definitely be falling several times within your run. Not only will the padding provide you with the added protection it will also prevent your pants from getting damaged due to falls.
• Try to choose quality pants. Yes they will be a bit more expensive as compared to generic ones but you’ll be getting more out of them in turn.
• Capability, not fashion. Sure looking cool in your brand new “nice looking” pants can be a big plus, especially when you’re trying to impress, but damaging your pants or injuring yourself on runs because of an incapable gear will definitely ruin your day, so choose capability instead of fashion, this will prove to be a wiser investment – especially where performance is concerned.

In purchasing snow pants, always remember to fulfill the Three Layer System to ensure safety as well a comfort when hitting the slopes. If you are in need of more advice, the internet will be able to provide you with plenty of additional information as well. Just make sure that you’re fully equipped with the information that you need before you head out to buy in order to avoid making mistakes.

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