Unless you are involved in professional ping pong table tournaments choosing your ping pong equipment should be an easy task. The equipment required for playing table tennis usually consists of a ping pong ball, a table tennis table and two paddles. While the ball and the paddles are not so expensive and are easily replaceable, the tennis table is more of a long-term investment.

Here are some aspects of your game style that you should consider before choosing your equipment.

1. Heavy/light ping table
If you are one of those players that hit the ball with an incredible force, you should choose a heavy ping table, although this kind of table can slow down your responses. If you are uncomfortable and feel like you are having slow reactions on a heavy table you might find a light table tennis table more suitable to your needs.

2. Flexible/stiff tennis table blades
The players that usually enjoy giving subtle effects to the ball should opt for flexible pong table tennis blades. If you are one of those players that likes to serve fast and hard then you will feel more conformable with the stiff table blades.

3. Flare/straight handle shapes
Most of the players prefer an anatomic handle shape that molds so it accommodates the human hand. However if you find the anatomic handle too expensive this is how you can know what to buy. If you have very strong backhands, you should choose a straight handle. A handle shape that flares is for those players that have strong forehand strokes.

4. Weight at head/weight at handle tennis table blade
The right weight for you ping table blades is a matter of offensive or defensive play style. If you are a defensive player then you should choose a table blade with more weight at the handle, but if you are an offensive player, it is best you choose a blade with its weight located at the head.

Consider the tips above and you will see that your time spent playing tennis will be more enjoyable since playing a good game is only half the battle in ping pong.

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